Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Battle Of Confusion

Hi Jordan,

I want to know whats going on with my love life
my ex and I broke up 2 months ago because he thinks I have a sugar daddy. he seems upset and depressed and if he wants to be close with me I'm just so confused.

Thank You,

Hello Michelle,

Breakups are typically a stressful time for the ones involved.  Emotions are flying and it is hard for people not to react to his or her emotions during times of separation.

The better question is what do you want from your relationship that recently ended?  You mention your ex is upset, but how is it that you feel?  Do you want to work out your relationship or have you determined this gentleman is not the one for your future?  

The website and the many pages is meant to show people that we are in control of our current situation and what future we create for ourselves.  Have you read the website?  There are some pages on relationships that you may find helpful. 

Ultimately, your choice ( free will) about how you feel and what you want, in addition to what actions you choose to do (or not do) will ultimately predict the future of the relationship you write in about, and many other aspects of your life.

Perhaps you may want to check out the page on How to Evolve Your Soul.  Often, its overlooked that relationships start with each individual - before one can contribute to a soul mate relationship, he or she has to work on himself or herself, to create the life that brings happiness and contentment.

Love and Light,
Spiritual Advisor

The Power Of Free Will Over Life's Struggles

Hi Jordan, 

I am a married man of about 36 yrs .my wife is often angry. My health and appearance is down .I think a lot and of unstable nature.I am an addict of tobacco.I have very bad financial position.I m in temporary job.what do I do.please provide me the correct guidance.

Thank You.

Hello Prateek,

What is it that you wish to do?  Ultimately, you must decide what it is your soul is searching for, no one else can do that.  Life at times can offer obstacles that appear to be nearly impossible to overcome.  But any obstacle and challenge can be changed, though not always easy, with the right investment of energy and willpower to make a change - anything is possible.

Have you read the pages on How to Evolve You Soul?  This is often a page I recommend to people to read when faced with obstacles or aspects of life in which someone wants to change.  Spiritual evolution can be thought of as a simple instruction manual on how to harness the power of the light to create whatever future you wish to experience.  There are three pages linked to the page on spiritual evolution:

1.  Spiritual enlightenment - the step in learning and gaining all the information you can on what it is you want to change.  Do you want to stop smoking?  Then perhaps you would research and find all the information you can on how to quit.  Do you want to find a permanent job?  Then perhaps you'd invest energy into learning all there is to know about what jobs are available and what steps need to be taken in order to get the job you wish for.

2. Spiritual awareness - after you gain all the wisdom and information you need to harness the right energy to make your future step, you need a plan of what to do, right?  This step is when you spend sometime making that plan.  The website goes into more detail and I suggest you consider taking a look at this page too. 

3.  Spiritual growth- the third and final step in the process of evolution is putting your plan into action!  Again, the website describes this step and so I suggest you consider reading this as well.

The energy we invest in creating our future is based on free will.  Free will is often very underestimated but each day we are faced with countless decisions, big and small, and these choices we make carve our future.  Often, it is not realized that we can harness free will at any point in our lives to take control and look within ourselves for the energy and motivation to change the things about our life and ourselves that we do not wish to define us anymore.  No matter what yesterday and today brings us, when we harness the power of the light and put the right effort into creating our future destiny, there are truly no limits for us.

There are a ton of pages on the website and you may want to spend 15-20 minutes a day clicking whatever page you feel like.  All of the information is meant to help anyone who wishes to learn about the universal laws and how to harness the spiritual energy of the light in your daily life.  

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

Relocation Issues and Spiritual Enlightenment

Hello Jordan,

I am Sunil Mandhare & i am trying to relocate my self in NJ, US from couple of months now. Some how a lot of obstructions are there & so in a very confused state of mind if the decision is correct or wrong. And should i revert back to my home country India & stay alone missing the family in NJ. I had recieved the relocation reading for your goodself. My current status here in the US is Dependent Visa & I am struggling hard to get some type of work authorization but my field of Experience in India is different & not in computers. guidance from you would really help me in deciding for future. 


Hello Sunil,

Sometimes life is faced with a crossroad and one must make a decision that carves the future path one travels.  Crossroads can cause many emotions and I often ask readers who write in who are faced with a difficult situation whether he or she is harnessing the power of the light and energy of the universe when making a decision based on emotions caused by life circumstances?  Often, circumstances create feelings of stress and fear and these emotions often cause a reaction and one begins to act based on the emotions rather than the light each soul possesses insider him or her.   

When someone is faced with challenging circumstances that cause uncertainty and feelings of stress and being overwhelmed, I often suggest to my readers to go back to the page on How to Evolve Your soul and read that page, along with the pages linked to it ( spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and spiritual growth).  These pages can be thought of as a simple universal instruction book on how to harness the energy of the light to gain the wisdom and knowledge to create whatever future one wishes to experience. 

Perhaps a list of the pros and cons of each option may help you determine which path you truly wish to take.  What do you want to do, taking aside all emotions?  Do you wish to stay in NJ or move home?  Perhaps searching within yourself to the answer of that question is something you may want to spend some time and self reflection on.  Once you know which path you wish for your future, you can then better use the process of evolving your soul to help you gain all the wisdom and knowledge you need in order to create a plan that will help you make your preference on where to live a reality. 

Remember, each of us are capable to overcome whatever challenge faced in our life.  It isn't always easy, but when you harness the
power of the light and believe in your ability, it is often easier to invest the time and energy necessary in order to create the future you wish for yourself. 

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual Enlightenment Towards A Better Future

 Dear Jordan, 

I was recently reading your article about getting yourself back on track using your inner GPS system and one of your final comments in that particular article was about "harnessing the power of the light to take the Universe out for a spin around the block"  You then went on to say that the basic process was very simple - one that you would be happy to expand on should anyone wish to have more information.  I would very much appreciate some more information about this as I have tried numerous things to propel my growth but I can't help feeling I'm missing the "red-cord" that maybe counts for 3% of the process, but brings about 97% of the results.

Thank You.

Hello Tracey,

I'd be happy to share some more information on the article.  Have you read the article on The Power of the Light?  You see, each of us have light within us.  Think of it as the grace that each soul possesses.  No matter what is going on in our lives or what choices we make ( free will), the power of the light exists.  This power is the overwhelming feeling of love, peace, and ultimately the energy of the virtues listed on the Seven virtues page.  When we harness the power of the light in our daily decisions and actions, we are following the universal laws of positive energy. 

That being said, each of us have our own temptations that exist.  This is the natural law of yin-yang that our soul will always face.  It is meant to be this way, otherwise we would all be perfect and there would be no opportunity for our soul to evolve.  Temptations are the whispering in our minds that harness the negative energy that exists.  Anger is the main temptation that is the exact opposite of love and light.  However, each of us battle with our own unique set of temptations.  You may want to read the page describing the seven main temptations that exist.  Reading and learning the main temptations is something I often recommend because it better equips your mind in learning what temptations exists; that way, when you face the battle of temptation, you can recognize it for what it is and make a choice using the knowledge your soul gained from learning.  If you learn to overcome temptation, even if it is 60% of the time at first, then with each day and opportunity faced, you can continue to learn how to improve your soul's willpower to harness light over dark.

The last sentence you mention is sort of an indirect way of saying, harness the power of the light to follow the guide on spiritual evolution.  Have you read the page on How to Evolve Your soul and the pages linked to the How to evolve your soul page (spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and spiritual growth).  These four pages can be considered an instruction manual on how to evolve any and all aspects of your life.  You see, there are things about each and every one of us that we wish to change or wish to achieve for that matter.  Ultimately, what becomes of our future is the energy we invest in creating our future.  The basic instructions on the spiritual evolution process is meant to teach how to put the right energy into creating the future one wishes to experience. 

So the last sentence is really saying, harness the light to go ahead and apply the spiritual knowledge and wisdom you have into whatever aspect of your life you are working toward changing (or future your working toward creating).  

There is no limit to what goal you may wish to create for yourself; Do you want a new job, do you want to learn a new way of treating others, do you want to learn to be more disciplined or learn moderation, do you want to be a better employee or parent, do you want to learn how to manage money or time more efficiently.  In today's world of technology there is a ton of information out there to assist anyone in learning pretty much anything (learning is the stage of s
piritual enlightenment).  When you harness the energy of the light (think of the main virtues), and use the method described on the How to evolve your soul pages, you can work towards any goal and overcome any obstacle you faced.

Spiritual evolution is a freedom from oneself in some ways.  Often, we think of all the reasons we can't do something or can't change something about ourselves.  But the truth is, the only limitations that exist for us in this world is the limits we create for ourselves.  Each of us are given an amazing gift of a soul that is capable of so many wonderful things.  But often the external environment we create for ourselves or even our own minds stop us from believing in the amazing possibilities that exist.

I hope this sheds some light on the sentence, "harnessing the power of the light to take the Universe out for a spin around the block." 

Love and Light,
Spiritual Advisor

Deep Connection With Your Soul Mate

Hi Jordan, 

Firstly, I love your site. I read your spiritual astrology readings daily and find them incredibly insightful, thank-you.

When I was 16 years old, August 2008, I joined a website called bluelight. I don't usually do this, but I got involved in the forum. I scrolled through the picture thread one day and spotted a picture of an incredibly handsome man. This is rare for me, it is unusual I will do a double take like that. He was a member of the forum and I took great notice of him. He had a girlfriend; and I had no intention of disturbing that! One day he messaged me out of the blue, and we talked on facebook. I felt incredibly safe with this man that I didn't know. I cannot stress enough how out of the ordinary this was for me. 

Not long after this, I had an incredibly realistic dream where I had flown to America to meet Jim, we had made love, and came to an altercation. I had (in an effort to protect my identity just in case I suppose) told him a different surname (he knows now, lol). In the dream we fought about it, and it felt incredibly real. I remember cowering under a table. 

Years passed, Jim was still with the gal, we chatted here and there throughout the years (usually around August-Nov?). In May this year, we both broke up with our respective partners at the time, and went into solitude. In November 2013, we reconnected. He messaged me the day I had just lost my job. From there, we have fallen, big time. 

I could go on and on and on and on about the non-stop synchonicities and unusual occurrences (saying or typing same word at the same time, messaging just as thinking about them, messaging just as waking up, constantly seeing 11:11 and 2:22, etc etc) 

It feels like we are soulmates. 

The only issue for me is keeping my feet on the ground. I have been swept away, as has he, but I'm worried once I arrive and things aren't as 10/10 perfect as we think they're going to be, I will become disoriented and confused about everything. I would really love some guidance on how to approach this situation. We have not met in person yet purely out of financial reasons but have plans to do so. I feel this is going to get serious and being only 21, I am clueless as to what to do. We are both committed to university in our respective cities at the moment, and I have plans to seek exchange next year. 

Thank You,

Hello Claire,
Feeling swept away is an exciting feeling that offers one dreams of many possible paths for the future.  When feelings come over us regarding a possible soul mate, endless possibilities often fill our minds.  It sounds like there is indeed a deep connection between you and this gentleman.  Have you read the pages on How to Find a Soul Mate?  Often, I suggest to readers to reread even if a possible soul mate match has come into his or her life.  There is a lot of wisdom in the pages, and often the third and final step is overlooked but is often the most important. 

Even in a soul mate relationship, you can only control your own feelings and actions, which makes half the equation - the soul mate makes the other half, of course.  The question of whether you believe you are prepared for your soul mate is one in which you can answer and take steps to make certain that you are.  This doesn't necessarily mean one has to change who they are, but it could mean minor adjustments to some aspect of oneself in order to evolve to a better place in order to give to the union of a soul mate relationship.  This doesn't mean color one's hair or lose 10 pounds, I often suggest to others that the changes within or to our daily routine are usually the harder, but more fruitful of changes. 

On another note, how well do you know this man you met on the website?  Have the two of you shared deeply during your exchanges via telephone?  Would you say you know him as well as if he were in Australia and you saw him on a daily basis?  The question I suppose is how deep of a connection has your phone exchanges provided?  Do you two skype?  Perhaps that may be something you consider until you two can meet in person.  The eyes can tell a thousand words and may help you understand your connection to this man on an even deeper level.  Plus, Skype is a way to get to know each other and talk like the two of you are in the same space.

No matter what, would you say this relationship has helped your soul learn and grow?  Perhaps list the top 5 aspects of this relationship that make it so important to you.  That way, you understand and are able to put into perspective exactly what it is about this man and your relationship that makes you so happy.   Then perhaps you may want to combine this suggested exercise to the lists you created in the steps on How to Find A Soul Mate and see what you soul uncovers. 

Love and Light,
Spiritual Advisor

How To Help Your Partner

Hi Jordan,

 I feel I am currently experiencing a life lesson. I am having difficulty in this lesson. My partner is very depressed and I am surrounded by a lot of negative energy constantly. It is causing me confusion and I am having a hard time thinking clearly what my next steps should be. I have really tried to help my partner but feel very sad that he does not accept any help. The whole family has been trying to help him but he does not accept it and will not try and help himself. He is in a very negative place in his life. I understand this is his choice and it is very hard on the family to see this happen. I would appreciate and insight or guidance you could offer. Thank you. I am also reading from the links on your website as well. They are very helpful also.

Thank You.

Hello Nora,
You seem to understand the situation quite well.  No doubt it is hard to understand a situation for what it is, but your words express that you do.  The question is how do you handle the situation, loving your partner and wanting the best for him but also knowing only he controls his choices and environment. 

Wanting to help often leads us to do things for our loved ones that are in a bad spot because our heart is in the right place and we want to help our loved one climb out of the dark place he or she finds himself.  Charity is the strongest energy of the light, and often people with big hearts think they're helping their loved one by doing things for him or her. 

It is difficult to draw the line between charity and enabling when love is the motive.  But unfortunately, if your partner doesn't want help and doesn't want to help himself, there is little you can do to change that - at this time.  Perhaps you may want to redirect the focus on finding ways for you to manage the negativity and limiting what you do for your partner.  Often when our loved one is in a bad spot and not ready to see, the charity done for him or her, is actually more detrimental to his or her soul's evolution and his or her ability to find a way to turn things around.  This is because if one is making choices that harness the wrong type of energy and people who love him or her are doing the things he or she should be doing for himself or herself, then the person suffering doesn't have to change.  He or she can remain in their 'dark spot' and the need for change is minimized.  This is because if life is being carried by loved ones, then the motivation and need to change is lessened.

Negative environments are draining and create challenges for people to maintain energy and the light that exists within.  Because of that, I suggest that you put some consideration into things you can do to maintain the light in your own soul.  Do you exercise or have a place that you go to that makes you feel peace and happy?  If not, you may want to consider finding a place or activity that helps you restore your own energy levels.  You can't help others without helping yourself.  So my question for you is based on the heart you have - what good can be done if the negativity your surrounded by consumes you and prevents your soul from its own evolution. 

Relationships are meant to help us evolve and this relationship exists for a reason.  There is no doubt that you could help your partner, when he is ready to help himself, but perhaps your also in the relationship to teach yourself boundaries and limits on what help truly means. 

My words aren't meant to make you think that you should turn your back on your partner but are meant to help you understand that in order to truly help him, you have to let go a bit.  Sometimes our desire to help makes us do the heavy lifting that the other person must do for himself or herself in order to truly change. 

Listen to your heart and harness the virtues of patience, love and understanding and everytime you feel the urge to take action with the intention of helping your partner change, why not ask yourself, "will this truly help him or am I enabling him to continue down his path?"  Until one sees and wants to change, typically efforts to help go unnoticed, unappreciated, and ultimately don't provide the outcome of helping our loved one change.

The website may be a place that you want to visit daily to balance out the negative environment you experience.  It is great that you understand as deeply as you do and please feel free to write in whenever you like.   This challenge that you face is not easy because it is often difficult to draw the line between love and helping our loved ones, and enabling them.  Especially, when one's heart and soul are in the right place. 

One last note to leave you with, is your partner's heart and soul in the same place as your own?  Perhaps understanding the two of you are currently seeing things from a different perspective will help you better understand what actions truly help your partner evolve and change is present situation, and which actions ultimately help him carry along life but don't do anything to help him change.  No matter how challenging the environment is today, don't give up hope that it can change for the better.  But with that, also realize that your soul and health of mind and body matter too.   Listen to your heart and let it guide you.

And don't forget to smile :)  

Love and Light,

Spiritual Advisor

Energy Invested For A Better Financial Future

Hi Jordan,

I'm wanting to know if my financial situation, looks any better in the near future.


Hello Becky,

My counseling services doesn't provide insight into the future.  Instead, it offers guidance to teach people how to create the future he or she wishes to experience by harnessing the power of the light each  of us are given by the universe and free will. 

Have you read the website and the pages on How to Evolve Your Soul?  You may consider visiting the site and taking a look.   Spiritual evolution is a process that can be used in any and all aspects of life.  It is about teaching people how to harness the light within the soul in order to work diligently to create the future one wishes to experience. 

The website has a ton of information that is meant to help anyone who chooses to read the pages learn about spirituality and the amazing gift each of us possess.  Each soul has an amazing light within, however there is also temptation that's one purpose is to prevent us from realizing and seeing the light that exists and instead of harnessing the light in our thoughts and actions, temptations wants us to harness the dark energy that also exists.  

Any current situation that exists for you today, can be transformed into a new future path.  It is ultimately up to you and the energy you invest in the choices you make.  Free will is a very underestimated gift that each of us use and ultimately how we use free will determines what tomorrow brings.  The choices we make, big and small, each and everyday  is what creates our future.  Our present and future are determined not only by our current environment and situation, but by the energy we invest today and ever day forward to create a new path of destiny.

My suggestion is don't let fear, doubt or any external situation prevent you from believing in what you are capable of.  You have the light, so believe and harness it today and everyday forward and see what tomorrow brings. 

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

I Have Been Going Through A Lot

Hi Jordan,

Help! I have been going through a lot.


Hello Veronica,

At times life presents us with challenges and these challenges can be overwhelming.  What if challenges in life start to be viewed as opportunities?  I say opportunities because even in the darkest of times, the universe provides opportunities to learn and grow.  Our soul is meant to evolve through relationships and experiences. 

Perhaps you may want to visit the website and read the articles on How to Evolve your Soul.  The page, and the links to spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and spiritual growth are there to teach people how to apply spirituality to any and all situations in life and use the light that exists within our souls to make a plan to create a new future path.  Spiritual evolution can be applied to any and all situations as the process is spiritual, but yet simple in theory. 

When temptation fills us with anger, worry, anxiety, fear, jealousy, hopelessness, and other emotions that don't help us overcome, but in reality create an environment where we don't believe we are able to turn a negative environment into one where we find peace and happiness, then temptation does its job and wins.
On the other hand, when we stand up and face any dark situation, and act in a dedicated, loving, compassionate way and find the determination within to not only face difficulties but work hard to change them, then our soul is filled with the light that exists within and step by step change begins to happen.  But change can only happen through our thoughts and actions.

Are you a member to the website's newsletter?  If so, you may want to consider a personal astrology reading.  The reading is a 30 page report that is sort of a road map to your soul.  It highlights your soul's strengths and weaknesses, and the many possible paths that exist for you throughout your life.   Ultimately what path you find yourself walking down in your life, is up to you and your choices.  Free will is a gift often underestimated, it is the ability to choose every detail, big and small.  No future is guaranteed, it is up to each person to make a decision on what future path he or she wants to experience, and then to act in a way that make it a reality.  The reading is suggested because it may help you better understand yourself on a deeper level, and give you an idea of what possibilities exist for you.  No matter what challenges are faced today, there are always other possibilities that exist.  It is up to us to see them, and to harness the light to take the action that will make our dreams a reality.

One last suggestion is don't allow fear or doubt creep in your head and tell you that you can't do the things your mind and heart wish to do.  The only limits we face in life are the limits we create.  Things may seem impossible but when work, patience, and love are filled within, slowly impossible situations become possible. 

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

Everything Will Turn Out As It Should

Hi Jordan,

First I would like to thank you for the website, it has helped me a lot, all the articles, readings, even the daily horoscope that is spot on.

The reason I am contacting you is because I really need to discuss the soul mate issue. I thought I met the guy that was my real soul mate. We met by crazy accident (destiny some would say), very similar interests, humor, and the magnetism was almost instant. We went through a lot to be together, arguments, distance (long distance relationship) and all that comes with being away from someone for months. We have been together for over a year only for him to go on a vacation, come back and suddenly say we are too different, he doesn't feel any emotions towards me, he is not for a relationship etc. He already went through something similar when his father died last month in October. But we spent a month together in Dec/Jan and everything was perfect, making future plans together, having so many good experiences, and the love was there. So much to talk about, to laugh, to love. Now a month after he is gone this comes out of nowhere. 

So my question is in two parts: can it be the distance is doing this to him and he is just not aware, even though he says he is spiritually evolved, I was the only person he ever loved like this, and it seems weird such a connection can disappear over one vacation. I think he just might be not that in tune with emotions because it would hurt a lot being away for months again. 

The other question is if it's possible that a lot of negative energy accumulated around him and he can't feel or think straight? Like an energy block sort of thing? 

I feel as if I'm loosing someone who was really special and when we talked and he didn't want to back off the break up thing, I said I will delete every contact with him so that it would be easier for me to let go. Now I don't know if maybe I should've kept in touch just to get him back in tune with his heart and feelings.

As for me personally, I feel its a terrible waste, that all this is wrong (that gut feeling telling you it's just not right) because he was someone and maybe the only person I could relate to from the depth of my soul. We went through a lot to be together, so I'm thinking if I should do something about it or just let him go on the path he says he wants. I'm also thinking if I can help him come around from a distance, just letting him go and seeing if he will get it after a while? Or was I just fooling myself all along? I really thought he was my soul mate because after my previous relationship (guided by your articles) I knew exactly what I wanted: a guy that's passionate, decisive, caring, independent, smart, spiritual at least a bit, with similar interests and humor etc. I got all of it except the yang part was a bit disappointing at times: smoker, had a lot of women before he realized it's useless, not clear on some issues in his life and obviously problems with the emotional side of him. But that's life and I feel I don't want or need anyone else currently than him. Any insight on these questions from your view would be of great help to me, since I can't explain this to anyone because most of my friends are not spiritually interested and this guy was but I obviously cut all contact with him, so I really hope you can guide me out of this. I really need help to understand what to do.

Thank You,

Hello Vanessa,

Many relationships, especially soul mate offer a wonderful opportunity for our souls to evolve.  A soul mate relationship is beyond the typical bond that one feels with another, it has a connection that runs deeper and typically unites on another level.

When the connection we feel to another is strong, which from what you explain you experience with the gentleman you are writing about, often our mind and hearts believe we've found the one and create a future that is forever.  This is at times the case, but at other times, it is not.  Spiritual evolution and are use of free will ultimately determine our future destiny, including who we share our path in life with. But every person has free will and how it is used is ultimately up to each individual.   A lasting soul mate connection relies on two people being in sync in many aspects, and sometimes circumstances lead to the end of a relationship. 

Perhaps this gentleman will reenter your life, or perhaps he was meant to enter your life to teach you something and help you along your path.  I can't answer these questions, but I can suggest you look at the relationship and all it brought into your life and ask yourself, what's next. You can only control yourself and your feelings and actions, so how do you think your energy can be spent turning this current situation into a positive growth experience for yourself?  Do you think investing energy to improve yourself and your evolution will help create a future where you live happily with your soul mate?  Perhaps you may want to re-read the pages on How to Find a soul mate.  The last page is often overlooked in the step by step process described on the website, but is one of the most important keys in evolving to form a true soul mate union. 

In the end, do you feel this relationship was valuable and in three years you'll look at this time in your life and appreciate all that you learned and experience with this man?  Sometimes letting go is the key to creation of the future you wish to desire.   I will leave you with one last question, Is holding onto the current situation and wanting things to be as you want them, harnessing the power of the light or a temptation holding you back from continuing your soul's evolution.

Remember, life doesn't always work out how we believe it should, but sometimes there are even more valuable lessons learned from how we handle the disappointments life throws at us.  And in the end, often one reflects and sees later down the road, that everything turned out as it should.

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

How to Determine the Path of Your Future

Hi Jordan,

Im not sure if the first one i sent went through, my phone kicked me out and the
page disappeared??...

Okay so I been told i need answers for this transit period, Something big is about to happen and although I'm not worried much I need guidance. I do feel it to tell you the truth, but isn't that normal? I just want to make the best decisions That I can. My heart is tooo soft and kind to keep suffering.. I know your report will help me feel better :D 

Thank You! 

Hello Maria,

Answers come in many forms.   Often when one experiences times of reflection or feels the need to change (evolve) an aspect of his or her life, the questions begin to out number the answers one feels he or she has for the future.  With more questions than answers, one is also often led to find answers externally, either from research or other people.  That is a natural part of the evolution process. 

A heart can never be too kind!  it is wonderful that you feel love and kindness toward others.  However, with every yin comes a yang, and perhaps it is not changing that aspect of your soul but learning how to manage it.  The ability to say no is often hard for people that are extremely kind, however enabling is something that happens when one gives in to others demands. 

Perhaps you may want to visit the pages on Spiritual evolution.  The process of spiritual enlightenment, awareness and growth is something that we can use in any and every aspect of life.  So maybe these pages will help you find the answers your looking for right now, the answers your soul is trying to uncover.  But these answers don't lie with me, but within you.  The future is something that is not predetermined.  It is what you choose to do today, tomorrow and each day forward that ultimately determines the path of your future.  Free will is an amazing, yet often under-estimated gift, each of us possess.  When you harness the light and use your ability to choose wisely, the future has endless possibilities. 

Love and Light,
Spiritual Advisor

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You Can't Run From Your Problems

Hi Jordan,

Okay I've been on this thing or issue worried about someone doin black magic on me eithe r my mom or boyfriend and started studying Illuminati and am worried there invoked in like a lower branch of it.. my boyfriend has said specific stuff like to read the bible he started out as my mentor hes older then me lives next door. But he doesnt remember his childhood much and ive struggled with a drug addiction he tells me to stop. Ive lost my spiritual progress and dunno if im being tested to grow or if im allowing myself to stay in a bad situation. In other relationships ive worried about cheating and realized that it was not to let them in. He once said something about hes involved in chaos recently his story sometimes changes and idk what to do cause I was also told I can manifest my worst fears.... and I love him but Iidk if he is and if so if I can help him get out... he says something about when I ask how much he loves me he says enough to give up his essence.. symbol in life that have been reappearing are black holes, levels, tree of life. Im lost and so confused I dunno what to do where to turn.

Thank You,

Hello Riki,

Each person has a unique set of challenges to overcome.  A person can not change another person, only himself or herself.  With that said, our relationships are a very important part of our evolutionary process.  Relationships, good and bad, long and short, are intended for a reason.  The question is whether or not we harness the power of the light to make our relationships strong and pure, and whether or not we allow temptation to drive us toward unhealthy unions.

I cannot give you answers into what is right and wrong in your current situation.  That would take away your ability to choose.  Free will is a gift each of us were given and it is through the use of this gift, that each person creates his or her environment.

Perhaps you may want to spend some time on the website.  It is totally free and has a ton of information.  All of the information was written with one sole purpose- To teach anyone who wants to learn about the amazing power of the universe and how to harness the light to create the future you wish to experience.  I suggest the pages on How to evolve and the links on this page.  Spiritual evolution is a process harnessing the universal powers of the light that can be applied to any and all aspects of one's life. 

Do you wish to create a new future for yourself?  What does that future consist of? 
One last thought to consider is what can you do to change your current environment and create one where it is filled with love and patience and trust and understanding?  You may not know that answer to this question right now and that is totally okay!  Sometimes one is not meant to see that answer right away.  

And the answer is not always the most obvious.  There is an age old saying that you can't run from your problems.  Until we face our problems and learn what lessons are meant for our soul to learn, our problems tend to follow us wherever we go, to whatever relationship we choose to develop.  Spirituality is about looking within. 
Perhaps healing is better described as starting from the inside, before making its way outside. 

One last note is don't ever doubt that you can change.  Your soul knows the answers and once your mind learns how to harness the power of the light and understands the amazing power of the light, people often see that even the darkest of times or situations, can be undone.  And instead of hopelessness and negativity, one finds a future full of hopefulness and positivity.  The question is how much time and energy do you wish to invest to learn how to achieve this for your life, for your soul?  Believe in yourself, ALWAYS.
No matter what today and yesterday consisted of, there is an opportunity in today and tomorrow to find the peace and happiness you long for.  That every soul longs for.

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

How Much Energy Are You Willing To Invest?

Hi Jordan,

Lately i have been going through a lot of changes. Things i care about don't matter. I feel depressed as if I dont belong. My job is not going i cant start my career, but the harder i try it's just remains the same. My life feel as if its failing apart. Can you help me please. I forgot migraines on top of migraines. Restless nights. 

Hello Kiki,

Life by design is meant to be challenging and as difficult as challenges may feel and seem, it is often when things seem to be at their worst that the universe provides us opportunities to evolve our soul.  Each soul is meant to face points in life where experiences seem insurmountable, but deep down inside our soul knows there is an answer to overcome even the toughest of situations.   The question is how much energy one is willing to invest to overcome difficult times and what type of energy one chooses to invest.

With every situation, good and bad, the gift of free will allows each of us to make a choice - and it is through our choices, big and small, that we climb every hurdle that stands in our way.

Your future is a combination of your choices, and a bit of fate.  Do you realize the ability you have to turn your current situation into a learning opportunity - by learning it is meant that you can find a way inside yourself to reach the light that you have within.  It is harnessing the amazing ability of the light that you may find the road that will lead to the future you wish to experience.

I've inserted some links in this email to certain web pages you may want to read.  These pages may help you during your time of struggle.

Difficult doesn't mean impossible.  Believe in yourself and your ability to change your current situation and any other obstacle you face in life.

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

How to Channel Our Energy to Build the Future We Wish To Experience

Hi Jordan, 

My partner, Aaron 37 years old & is in a wheel chair and his daughter, Desi is turning 18 by the end of April. Aaron currently lives in a 1 bedroom. Desi does not have a good relationship with her mom and wants to move out when she turns 18. Aaron wants to help, with him being a great dad and wanting to be involved in this next stage of her life, to help in a direction that will impact the rest of her life. Very noble cause, and I have been with him for nearly 2 & a half years and I love them both very much as well.

In the building where he lives is a 2 bedroom unit and that owner, Ms. Conrad, knows Aaron well and has a 2 bedroom for rent and rented just a day or so before,with the current renter knowing possibly that Ms Conrad maybe selling the unit soon. I would be willing to rent his 1 bedroom, which he owns, while he could rent this 2 bedroom and Ms Conrad would have really loved to have Aaron and Desi there, no questions asked is what Ms Conrad stated. Which Aaron didn't know Ms Conrad was renting and visa versa till recently bumping into one another. 

So what I am asking for is how to send energy for him to have this place and me to have his place. This would give Ms. Conrad a great tenant she knows, and has known for over 7 years, affording Aaron a peace of mind to help his daughter, a building that is compatible for him being in the chair,as they like to refer to themselves and are "handi-capible" a place for Desi- and her dog, me, my cat and most important giving Desi this fighting chance to properly be supported as she blossom into the world under loving guidance, which she would not receive living with her mom. 

My heartfelt gratitude for your assistance in helping me, help my extended family. I love them so much and want to give them so much for all the love I receive and how grateful I am.

Thank You,

Hello Fred,

Charity and love are the most pure and powerful energies of the universe.  Though one can not force a change in the universe with actions we're used to, when you make choices and live life according to the virtuous ways of the universe, things often have a way of working out.  Have you read the pages on spiritual evolution.  The process of spiritual evolution ( enlightenment, awareness, and growth) can be applied to any and every situation we face in our lives.

So perhaps you may want to check out those pages and learn how you can harness the power of the light to work toward the outcome you wish to see happen.  Energy exists and will always help us create the future we wish to experience. It is our choices and actions which determine how our energy is used.

Wishing you the best and believe in the power of the universe and let it guide you. 

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor