Friday, February 22, 2013

Why Can't I Find a Job?

I have received thousands upon thousands of spiritual counseling questions regarding finding jobs, and making money. These emails come from souls all over the world, both male and female.

First let me say, if you wrote in on this topic, and I didn't  reply to you; it is because I am not a psychic. Spiritual counseling is offered to help souls implement the teachings of the website. It is very easy for me to know when someone is trying to evolve their soul. There is a kind of "glow" to your aura, and you can't eventually shine if you don't first glow.

I am taking Reiki lessons, and one of the things I have learned about energy exchange is that healing energy doesn't work if it is given away. I have always known this about charitable energy and energy exchanges, but it is nice to see what I figured out on my own in ancient writings. You have to do your part too to make energy exchange a reality.

I bring this up to those to seek a psychic solution for anything other then entertainment, which hardly counts as a solution. If you really believe you can create the future you which to experience by seeking out psychics, and without investing energy or work, you have been taken by Temptation, which only wants to take you from the path of the light.

Sloth is a temptation that invites you to invest little, if any, energy. I hope you can see this path of destiny will not provide a positive return on your investment. Every temptation has an opposite energy that can help you get back on track. What is the opposite energy for sloth? Do some work, complete the energy echange, and find out by clicking here.

I have already given this topic too much energy. I am hoping you will put down your fortune cookies and finally see the light. No pun intended. Evolution, achieving goals, and creating the future you wish to experience all require work, or an investment of energy.

This email is for the remaining 1% of emails that are sincerely trying to learn and apply universal law to create the future they wish to experience. And even in what you may consider "failure," you still glow.

"I'm doing everything I can and not seeing results."
First, let me say, I understand and sympathize with the frustration and stress becoming unemployed can cause. However, the universe doesn't put a value on time, only energy invested. That you feel you have invested enough energy (which applies to any future you wish to create) is not relevant. Each career and job hunter is unique, and subject to environmental conditions. These conditions determine the amount of energy required, which is not something you know.

No soul is ever doing "everything they can," so instead, focus on what more you can do, and how much longer you can do it. If you're spending two hours a day looking for a job, spend eight. Let's say the universe has calculated your particular job search will take 1,152 hours of energy. It will take four times longer to get there investing two hours a day compared to eight.

"I can't find any opportunities for my job skills."
Perhaps you have chosen a field with limited opportunities and extensive competition. The amount of energy required to achieve this goal could be beyond what you might consider a fair or realistic return on investment of energy.

Perhaps it is time to redefine your career objectives. You may be able to improve your opportunities by expanding the job choices available to you. In essence, you are expanding your universe. For example, a teacher can also be  a tutor. While it not be a perfect fit, it does increase the amount of energy you invest and open potential paths of destiny in your career field. What else can you do?

The Six Laws of Spiritual Direction
Your career is a relationship, and you can only evolve through your relationships. Evolution of the soul is about connecting to the energy of your spiritual self. If you haven't yet received a personal spiritual astrology reading, I would highly recommend you get one to find the hidden strengths and powers of your soul.

Apply this energy to the six laws of spiritual direction and you are likely to find more opportunities you may have overlooked.

But in the end, it is all about work and investing energy. Energy exchange starts with what you send out to the universe, and is no different than the process of finding a soul mate.

If you improve the quality and focus of your energy, the universe will re-purpose it in a more productive and efficient manner. The universe reacts to energy. If your desires are not yet (a key attitude) what you desire, then you must provide more energy to create the future you wish to experience.

Like a soul mate, you don't find a job; you create one. And creation, of any kind, requires an investment of energy.
I hope that helps you.
Love and light, 

Jordan Canon

Spiritual Advisor

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