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Negative Comments in My Relationship Compatibility Reading


I just wanted to thank you very much for the time you took in producing this synastry reading for me. I can clearly see some of the aspects you have outlined that I felt instinctively about our union right from the start. I am grateful for the confirmation. I was hesitant about proceeding forward with this man, and now I know why. 

I am happy that I can now walk away from the situation, knowing I have made the right decision for myself. The energy between us (aside from the mental) has 'Kaos' written all over it. Thank you again.

-Diane, Virgo

Hi Diane, the primary power of a Virgo is "I analyze," which means the Yang to your Yin is "I over-analyze. See if my response below helps you see your reading in a different light; no pun intended.


Hi Jordan,

Just a quick question... does everyone's readings have negative stuff in it, or did I just get lucky? :) I've had one with you before that had both positive and negative aspects... but this 2nd one has quite a bit. It appears, I've manifested quite a learning experience here. Thank you again!

-Mary, Pisces

Great question! And not as quick an answer as it may seem.

The conclusion of "positive" or "negative" is a judgement that you make. It is based on your own experience, knowledge, level of personal evolution, and the moment in time at which these conclusions are made. I consider judgment the 11th temptation because it can take you from harnessing the power of the light.  Here are some references on the website to these points.

Exactly, why did you seek out a compatibility reading?

You have to think through the answer to that in great detail, because that is where the real answer to your question hides. I ask, because only you can evolve your soul and create the environment in which you will live and continue to evolve. You can only evolve through relationships.

Possibly confused? I understand.

Any spiritual astrology reading is just words on a piece of paper. This concept holds true who any "advice" you may see in your version of the universe you created for yourself. Buddha said it best:

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become." And "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.

What he is saying is that it is your own energy, and how you apply in your relationship, is where you should focus your efforts.

Even the "best" of soul mate relationships will have what you called "negative" characteristics. If you invest energy and focus in what makes it "best," the negative is just a bump in the road. Relationships, like your soul, evolves over time.

If your motivation for getting a compatibility reading is to seek out potential dangers, threats, or warning signs, your motivation is your own warning sign. "Fear of" any possible challenge might suggest you are not yet ready for a soul mate relationship. A reading that tells you everything will be wonderful is just words on a piece of paper too.

The value of your reading are the things you are afraid of. It should not be taken as an insightful look into your partner, but a look into your own personal evolution. You can only evolve your own soul. The reading is not a prediction of your future, only you create your future. So let's look at the first paragraph of your reading:

Mary's strongest Quality is Mutable and Bob's strongest Quality is Cardinal

A relationship between Cardinal and Mutable personalities is generally good as you both enjoy change and variety. Bon has a pioneering spirit and likes to initiate new things and Mary is very adaptable. Problems can arise between you, though, if Mary is negligent and unmotivated or if Bob tries to dominate or order her around.

Let's not conclude positive or negative, because both energies will always exist. You both enjoy change and variety. That is a powerful energy of attraction. It is also something that lasts long-term and can help keep a relationship fresh and exciting. According to spiritual balance, or Yin-Yang, to over-use or abuse any power comes with a new path of destiny as potentially indicated in the reading. The learning and evolutionary lesson here is what can you do to harness the energy you want, and what will you do when that energy crosses your comfort zone to get it back to a place, and a future, you do want to create.

I would suggest that you reconsider your reading and look at the opportunities you have to keep things in balance and create the future you wish to experience. "Spiritual," at this website, means to look within to evolve your soul. If you are looking within your partner's soul to find warnings and dangers, that is what you will accomplish, because the universe can only create a future based on your choices and your investment of energy.

I'll leave you with one more spiritual wisdom from Buddha: "All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become."

I hope that helps.

Love and light,
Jordan Canon

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