Friday, January 18, 2013

Who Should I Marry?

Dear Jordan,
I have been with Ryan for the past 7 years, married for almost 3 of those years. In September 2012, I left him. I was being taken for granted, lonely and empty for many months in my marriage.

Since then, I met Bob. I felt as if time stood still when I met him and we have connected ever since we met, on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. We always feel as though we've known each other for years. Now we are becoming intimate physically also. I sometimes feel like he is everything I ever wished for in my deepest subconscious level.

I am under immense pressure from my family and Ryan to return to my marriage. I am very confused which man/path will be the best one for me. I am afraid I keep making wrong choices in love because this is the second marriage to have fallen apart for me.

Should I take a chance on Bob, who to be honest, loves me in a way ive never been loved before and feel like its too good to be true. Or should I go back to my old life and ex-husband to try to make it work? Please give me your insight and guidance!

I'm not afraid of change, but I just want to know which man is the right one for me. Please be honest with me, if you also feel I have some kind of psychic garbage or emotional blockages that prevents me from truly loving a man or trying to make my relationships work?

Thank you Jordan. 

Hello Jenny,

I promise you no one has a disdain for "psychic garbage" more than I do. I am not a psychic, nor do I tell people what life's choices to make. That is your gift from the universe, commonly known as free will.

The whole point of this existence is to evolve your soul, which you can only do through the relationships you choose to create and invest energy in. If you are not secure enough to make the decision of your soul mate because of pressure from your family, or "fear" of making a correct decision, then I might suggest you consider the possibility that you are not yet complete enough for a soul mate relationship, and/or unqualified and ready to make the decision at this time.

The whole idea of a soul mate relationship is to become complete yourself, meaning you offer the relationship security, stability, and positive contributions that give you and your soul mate the opportunity to grow as one strong and evolving union.

Relationships entered into with insecurity, or worse, that appear to solve "I need problems," are highly likely to end up in the ways you find repeatedly experiencing.


In all likelihoods, you haven't invested enough time, energy, and effort in evolving your own soul to be worthy of the perfect soul mate you might create for yourself.  Basically, you haven't evolved. As a result, the universe has a way of putting you back to square one so you can achieve the opportunity to evolve again.

As a Libra, you have the gift of generally making right decisions. It would not be a surprise to have many friends who seek your advice on decisions they have to make. A Personal Spiritual Astrology Reading will help you find the abilities your soul has been blessed with. Knowing these abilities will help you harness the power of your soul and get a greater return on your efforts.

I would also recommend you read and reread the three steps it takes to evolve your soul. They would be:
Do this, and you will be able to incorporate the process of creating the future you wish to experience with the gifts and energy of your soul. If you invest energy in this evolution, you will find yourself on a new path of destiny you have created for yourself.

Lastly, I would recommend you read How to Find a Soul Mate. One doesn't really find a soul mate. Like any potential path of destiny, they create one. If you were to create the perfect soul mate for yourself, would either of these two candidates be the perfect soul you would create for yourself?

Then, once you create this perfect soul mate, are you the perfect soul mate this person would create for themselves? You should be able identify areas of opportunities you can improve as a person to become complete, and create a soul mate relationship that achieves the goal you both with to experience.

I would also recommend you get Free Relationship Compatibly Readings for each candidate. These reading will help you understand where you are now, and open your mind to where you may wish to go. If you wish to further define your current position in life, and create possibilities of future paths, I recommend reading The Six Laws of Spiritual Direction.

Once you invest energy in creating the future you wish to experience, The Universe will begin to create an environment for you that begins to define your efforts. It won't be perfect right off the bat, because your definition of what you desire to create won't be perfect.

Think of The universe is a perfect mathematical program that creates environments. It may send you a soul that matches your description, but you will realize you may need to fine-tune your definition and re-invest energy based on your new goals. The process is quite simple; the execution requires effort, and the more effort you are willing to invest, the higher your return on investment will be.

If you learn how to use your Daily Spiritual Astrology Reading, you will find a more efficient way to communicate with the universe. It works, trust me, and try it for a week.

My last point is time. "How long will this take?" is a question I get a lot. Time is a human concept, not one of the universe. The universe understands energy and effort.

Say you want to lose 10 pounds. Exactly, to the minute, how long will it take to do that? You won't know, but the universe does know exactly how much energy and effort it would take for you to achieve that goal. If you decide to take six months to expend the energy and effort, and it will take six months. It is all up to you under the universe law of free will.

I hope this helps you and gives you something to consider as you embark on this important life decision. You have a taken a great first step, and if you are not afraid of change as you say, you will create your answers to the questions you seek.

Love and light,

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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