Friday, January 18, 2013

Why is there So Much Hate in the World?

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My mommy says you are the smartest man she knows. I would like to know why there is so much hate in the world.

-Jackie, age 8 
Hi Jackie, please thank your Mom for her kind words.

I am not one that believes there is so much hate in the world. In fact, I believe the amount of love is thousands of times greater than the amount of hate. It is just a matter of what we focus on.

Here is what I mean. Stare at any one of the three dots in this picture. Just stare at one, and only one. When you do so, what happens to the other two dots? 
They disappear, don't they?

Rare instances of hate can appear like stars against a black sky. They are bright and flashy, making it seem like there are a lot of them, and they get out attention. 
But they only do so against a black background which could represent love. If you focus on the whole sky, you might agree there is not as much hate as there appears to be.

This doesn't appy to just love and hate, it applies to all that exists, and especially evolving our relationships. It is what you focus on that becomes what you see.

Love and light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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