Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Can't I Just Find a Soul Mate Who Accepts Me as I Am?

Tips to help you find your soul mate
I like to focus on subjects that frequently come up in spiritual counseling sessions. One of these subjects has to do with soul mates, finding a soul mate, or improving a relationship with an existing soul mate.

I think it's a wonderful thing that so many people want to find and improve the relationships, and I hope this newsletter helps get you the path to do just that.

I'm not going to go into the whole process of how to find a soul mate because it's posted at the website, but one question that keeps popping up is:

Can't I just find someone who accepts me as I am? 

Technically, yes you can. But why would you want to?

The great thing about the universe, which is nothing more than an environment creator, is that it will create your future  environment based on what you are willing to invest time, effort, and energy into. I like to use the example of maintaining a lawn. If you drive down any street on any block, you will find some lawns perfectly immaculate, and some lawns in need of attention. The quality of the lawn is based on the amount of time, effort and energy that particular homeowner puts it to maintaining it.

So if your soul is closer to a lawn in the need of attention, and you choose not to improve, or evolve your soul before you seek a soul mate, the universe will match you up with a soul mate also in need of attention.

Any soul that is "need," takes energy instead of giving it. The best spiritual relationships occur when two souls give energy without measuring what they receive in return. Apply this rule of charitable energy applies to anything you do, and if you harness the energy of this skill, the universe will reward you in ways you can't imagine today. This goes for soul mate relationships too.

What is someone really saying when they say: "Can't someone just love me for me as I am?" more often than not, from what I hear a spiritual counseling sessions, it means they're not willing to work to prove their own soul and evolve, or if they are willing to do work, they are not willing to do a lot of work.

So since the universe can only create your future environment based on the investment of energy through your effort, the universe can only send you someone of equal energy, balance, and evolutionary skills. If that is the perfect soul mate relationship for you, and that is what you were looking to experience for the rest of your life, yes someone can accept you for what you are. But the quality of that acceptance is equal to your own quality, and your future soul mate's decision to accept you.

A potential soul mate that may be on evolutionary scale of 7 out of 10, is not likely to have the desire to accept a soul mate on an evolutionary scale of 4. If you want a partner that is a 7, than you have become a 7, or maybe a 7.5. All you have to become a 7.5 is act like one. Act is short of action. How are you not an angel if your actions are angelic? 

A soul mate relationship is one of the most powerful loving energies you will experience during your time here. To find someone because you're lonely, you just came out of a bad marriage, your biological clock is ticking, or you need financial security, are some examples of someone who puts their own needs first and doesn't focus on what they have to contribute to a soul mate relationship. A highly evolved potential soul mate would be likely to pat on you on the head and wish you a good day.

And rightly so. This potential soul mate is looking for a source to give charitable energy. Energy is power; power comes with responsibility, and if you are not yet evolved enough to accept their power, then you cannot complete a circuit for their energy.

As important as it is to make a list of everything you want from your relationship, it is equally important to identify what you need to prove yourself to be able to give with maximum effort and energy. To create a list is a wonderful start. I call it spiritual enlightenment meaning you make a list of all the possibilities you want in the future you are willing to create.

But equally important is that you actually do something to make this list a reality, and that's where people tend to fall short of what you are capable of experiencing in the future. Your own happiness, might I even say bliss, is totally of your own effort. It has nothing to do with your soul mate. Harness the energy of yourself, which is the only soul you can evolve, the universe will reward you in ways you can't imagine today.

But if you do nothing, and choose not to evolve, your return on your efforts is very imaginable. Chances are good you'll repeat the same quality relationships repeatedly,  what I call the Groundhog Day Effect, (after the Bill Murray movie) until you finally do something about it.

Love and light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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