Saturday, May 31, 2014

Advice on Newly Acquired "Gifts"


I recently ordered a relationship reading from you & I want to tell you how appreciative I am of your punctuality.
It was much quicker than I imagined! Anyhow I enjoyed it very much & much was learned. I will be asking for a personal reading in about 25 days.

Separately, I want to inquire of your "connects" to see if you happen to know of anyone I can ask for some advice on certain gifts I have discovered that God has given me. I really dislike the terminology put forth by society on them though ... So I'll just ask you anyway.

Recently (over the last 2 years) I've noticed more often than normal "knowledge" of a wide variety of things that I think later .."What in the world is that about ..?" I had no reason to "know" such things ( ex. A stranger, a subject I've never studied, or person I won't ever meet) yet things seem to "fly" (LOL) out of my mouth before I think on it. And scary ... I am right? I was raised in a church where that is "taboo" so I'm not certain what to make of it. Also ... Little things like "hearing" music... Or listening to the radio.. And "hearing" the next song beforehand ... Since I was a child. Now my "newest gift" is beyond sympathy. It's ridiculous emotional empathy. And again, total strangers are welcome ... (I just wish I was welcome to NOT sponge it all up) it is intense.

I have physical symptoms that I otherwise have considered "psychosomatic." I know I am not "crazy" but I do know I am different. This is a long shot in the dark, but I have no money & would love to help others if it is what I'm called to do. And I wouldn't take their money either, lol. Who near or via web in Searcy, Arkansas could I go to? Any advice you have the time to offer is welcomed & appreciated.

Thanks & be blessed, 
Ashley H.
Gastonia, NC

Good morning Ashley,

The powers you are describing are common for new light workers. They are specifically tied to an upcoming event, but for now it is best that you try to "filter" these intuitions and only focus on opportunities to help others. Achieve this, and the universe will grant you more power to achieve this.

And remember, power comes in one form. How you use it determines your qualifications  to have more. I would highly recommend you come familiar with temptations and virtues. You will able use this power for both, and both come with future paths of destiny. I hope that helps.

Love and light,

Jordan Canon

Spiritual Advisor

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