Saturday, May 31, 2014


I am suffering from depression I have no spiritual energy or strength left. Nothing matters to me and I am finding it difficult to care about anything. I have been to doctor and I am on medication but how can I find the spiritual energy to get through this (social phobic). Thank you in advance for caring.

Elaine D.

Hello Elaine,
I apologize for the delay in my response.  Depression can be consuming, but it is a fight that can be overcome by you.  Controlling our thoughts is what drives our actions.  It sounds easy, but when our mind is filled with hopelessness and sadness, it seems impossible to overcome.   It sounds easy in theory but of course, when you're experiencing depression it seems impossible to defeat.  You can win!
It is great that you're seeking medical attention.  Perhaps you might want to spend some time thinking about what you can do for yourself to revamp your spiritual energy.  Think about things that fill you with happiness.  Do you enjoy long walks?  Perhaps gardening?  Everyone is different but I often suggest to others struggling, to spend some time reflecting on the things they know bring them joy.  Once you identify these things, perhaps you might consider a goal to be to do whatever it is you identified as making you happy, regardless of what your mind tells you (Temptation doesn't want people happy so it will whisper 100 reasons for you not to do what it is you decided will bring you a bit of joy).
No matter what temptation whispers, find your way to joy and don't let anything stop you from fighting to bring that happiness and light back into your life.
The website is also a place you might want to spend some time navigating.  Many people write in and express reading through the pages help them in time of struggle.  Just another suggestion :)

Love and Light,

Jordan Canon

Spiritual Advisor

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