Monday, June 23, 2014

Creating a Future One Wishes to Experience


My ex boyfriend of 7 yrs has dumped me took my rent money and literally left me out in the cold at minus 30 and hasn’t called or checked to see if I haven’t frozen to death...I recently miscarried our child at 5 months and after that happened he stopped caring about me altogether...we were planning our future together but he put me thru so much stress when I was pregnant I lost it. He would tell me he loves me and always will but never showed it...he ditched me on xmas and new years and said he had important things to do...but would make it up to me...well he didn’t and he got meaner and more abusive...he started seeing a woman who is 26 and I am 41...he is a lot younger than me and he rubbed that in my face...when we first got together I thought the age difference was more than I liked and for the first few yrs he said that it wasn’t...a couple of weeks ago he came to the hotel I was in and practically forced himself on me but I loved him so I didn’t say no...he told me he loved me and that he found me beautiful....then after 6 hrs of sex got up put is clothes on and said he had to go to the barn and fed the horses...and would come back to be with me...well he didn’t and then I went back to live with him but he became distant and started texting and emailing this other made me angry and then he threw me out on the street and has been with her for the past week or do I fix myself so I never let him in is like he is a drug and I can’t get enough...I hate myself for loving someone so cruel and selfish...and it eats me up inside knowing that he is no happy in his new love relationship...and I am left with nothing cause he unhooked and took my furnace apart and took all the insulation out of my house and left me with a power bill I can afford and all the bills...while he gets to start over I have to try to survive and I don’t know if I will...he even smashed up my jeep and took my massage table to his friends house and she won’t give it back unless I pay her a 100 dollars...I can’t even afford to eat...what is ur advice?


Thank you for being so open with me.  Difficult times are overwhelming and often times leave a person with the feeling of hopelessness.  It is the overwhelming frustration of difficult situations that allow temptation to fill us with negative feelings, such as anger and resentment.

From what you describe, your relationship with your ex has been difficult.  Have you read the website pages on soulmates?  Is this man someone that you consider to be the person you wish to spend your life with.  Love is an emotion that at times we feel so strongly, and can't help to overlook the pain we feel sometimes when we love someone. 

What do you think is the best next step for you in the situation you find yourself in?  Will you get more from looking within and focusing your energy on healing your own soul or by focusing your energy on your past relationship and your ex? 

Each of us has the power within us to change any negative, dark situation into something more positive, more bright.  But often we find ourselves trapped by our own mind.  Perhaps you might want to consider your options and focus on finding a place to stay and thinking about what things you can work on in your own life to change your difficult time into a rebuilding time.  A time where you let go of the past and work on creating the future you wish to experience.

Your soul is stronger than you know, and if you allow it to guide you then you might find that you can work to change your entire life - your inner self as well as your environment.

No one can change another person.  We are all responsible for our own evolution.  Your ex will do and feel as he sees fit.  Do you agree his actions are out of your control?  What is in your control? 

Perhaps you might consider a free personal astrology reading.  These readings are offered to members of the website's newsletter and offer a direct communication to your soul.  I often describe the reading to other members as a "roadmap to your soul and the many possibilities that exist for one in his or her lifetime."  It is not a prediction of the future, but rather an insight of the many possible paths that exist for you in this life.  It is how you use the amazing power of free will that ultimately determines which path you travel on in this life. 
The most difficult of times usually offer us the most significant opportunities for evolution.

There are some links in my response below.  These links will bring you to some pages on the website that you may want to read. 

The website is full of information that is there to teach people the tools the universe has given each one of us in order to harness the amazing power of the light.  It is when we step into the light that even the dankest of times are not able to consume us, but rather help us grow and learn lessons that will ultimately create our future path. 

Love and Light,

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor


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