Sunday, June 1, 2014

Soul's Major Crossroads

Hi Jordan,

This past year has been a spiritual realization in many senses. My heart has a profound need to try one last time to find a father I've never known. I was blessed to call three men dad, but the one dad who is my true father is a close family mystery. 

Fate led me to cross paths with 2 men that are connected to a family I've longed to meet and my biological father. I sense some deception though and have become lost in who and what to believe about who I am and why I have been feeling like vie been receiving help from guardian angels. 

And why I feel like I fell in love with one.

I want advice on whether or not to pursue finding my father through the help of the men I have become to know and care for this past year. This involves legal, political, and severe emotional wounds that may be better left a secret. Please help!



Hello Rachel,

Thank you for taking the time to write in and share with me how you're feeling. Not knowing one of your biological parents can leave many unanswered questions for someone, so what you're experiencing is a natural part of evolution for the life your soul chose for its time here. 

Emotions under the surface can create many questions and insecurities. That doesn't mean you can't understand your emotions and learn how to work through them. 

Perhaps the decision to find your biological father is one of your soul's major crossroads - where there are paths leading in many directions, and ultimately the choices you make will decide which direction the next phase of your life leads. You see, there is no one predetermined path; there are many. The power of free will and the choices, big and small, we make each and every day ultimately determines our ultimate path in life. The work you must invest to create paths or choose between multiple paths, is meant to help you evolve your soul. We're all here to learn, grow and overcome. The question of whether or not we accomplish what our soul came here to do is ultimately based on our choices and the energy we invest in our life. Perhaps the pages on How to Evolve your Soul and the links to Spiritual enlightenment, awareness, and growth can help you answer the many questions your soul has. 

Another suggestion is to check out the pages on the seven virtues and seven deadly sins. The seven virtues harness the energy of the light whereas the seven temptations harness dark energy. Do you agree that learning as much as you can about these feelings, can help you learn how to make every decision harnessing the energy of the seven virtues?  

You'll find your way. The website has a lot of information, hopefully it will help you on your path of evolution. I'm always here if you :)

Love and Light,

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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