Sunday, June 1, 2014

Investing the Right Energy for the Future

Hello Jordan,

My life path has taken me through several life altering changes over the last 7 years or so. I decided that I wanted a new path to follow. I now have a little less than a year left in college. I have infinite possibilities for my journey ahead. I would like to know what this next year will bring, in order to better handle obstacles and also what changes I should make to get the best results out of life.

Thank You,

Hello Reina,

Thank you for writing in to me and it is fantastic that you're almost finished with school!


I don't predict the future or share with members what the future may hold.  The reason for this is because our future path is determined not only by destiny, but also the energy we invest in creating the future we wish to experience.  Each and every day we are forced with choices on what to invest our energy in.  It is what we do, and do not do, that defines ultimately the path we end up taking. 

You ask a great question when you mentioned "what changes I should make to get the best results out of life.'  Though I cannot answer that directly for you, you may want to read the pages on the website on How to evolve your soul.  This process is explained on the website to help people who visit the site understand the power each of us to identify the areas of ourselves that we would like to change to get the best results out of life.  The pages also give guidance on how to create a plan in order to work toward that change.  Spiritual evolution can be applied to any and all aspect of your life and can help you identify and make the changes in yourself that will help you today and in the future. 

Love and Light,

Spiritual Advisor

Thank you for responding Jordan.

I hope this email finds you on great health and prosperity. I do understand that the reports that you write are not the answers.  What I feel they can help me in is to see my life path from a perspective other than my own & steer me in the path of least resistance. Helping to overcome my fears, which have gotten worse over time and at times even paralyzing. I have been reading much of the archives and they are extremely insightful. They also are helping me to understand how our universe works and the results my actions bring. I thank you again for the work that you do. It is of tremendous benefit! 
Take care,


Way to go!  Your response demonstrates you're on the right path. The website is designed to be used exactly how you're using it. Evolution is a journey that doesn't happen overnight.  It's kind of a little dance, two steps forward then maybe one back. I say this because as one begins to evolve and learn about spirituality, you begin kind of a fresh start to life. You begin to see things differently, but change is always a gradual process. There are always setbacks, especially in the path of one's evolution. It's meant to be that way.. otherwise we'd all be perfect and there would be no reason to be here! Temptation exists everywhere and everyone has to battle it. 

Fear is a common temptation that can be hard to overcome. Hard doesn't mean impossible :)

You're doing great and feel free to write with any questions you have on the website material or if you just want to write about whatever is on your mind (I do see I have another message, but I answer my messages in the order received :)

Love and Light,

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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