Monday, June 23, 2014

Knowing Our Origin



I want to know about my parents. I don’t know  anything about them.



It is natural for one to wonder about his or her origin.  The ultimate question is why?  There can be countless reasons driving your yearning and the question you may want to consider is whether or not finding out about your parents is something that your soul truly wants to know.  What is it that you want to get from knowing who your parents are? 
Perhaps the pages on Spriitual evolution can help you in your situation.  You see, the steps of spiritual evolution can be applied to any and all aspects of life.  The basic steps in spiritual evolution(spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and spiritual growth) are really tools to help us not only look within, but to learn and take action harnessing not only the knowledge we obtain during the evolution process.

All the best and remember, when you harness the powerful energy of the light and live your life according to the virtuous laws of the universe, whichever path you travel on will bring you peace, contentment. and happiness. 

Love and Light,

Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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