Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Angelic Messages

Hi Jordan, 

I love your website because it's easy to access relevant info and the spiritual guidance is easy to understand. I would like some spiritual understanding of a relationship experience I had . Over 10 years ago I connected with a male through work and the attraction was undeniable and very very powerful. Apart from meeting for the odd coffee and his eyes would light up when he saw me it was difficult because I was in an unhappy marriage which I eventually removed myself from and began living on my own with my youngest child. 

His marriage had previously ended. He left his job with our company and I found it difficult to stop thinking about him to the point of obsession and it took me several years to feel that I had finally let it all go and moved on. On reflection neither of us were in the best place at the time. Not that I was putting my life on hold, more that I have never been able to understand why that was happening. 

Just recently I was at a spiritual church and it triggered off my memories of him again. it's like he is coming into my energy field all the time. As I am a psychic I could suggest that I am connecting to him because he is unwell or he is thinking of me. I have a psychic shield around me all the time so it never seems a negative situation. Two psychics have said that we will meet again but none can give me an understanding. I have looked at the twin flame scenario and that seems to describe most of what has gone on. 

I am happy with my life on my own because I am studying at uni again and driving my new career path at this point in time. At aged 60+ I have found my peaceful place, I have been working through my own personal issues and releasing my past yet I can't seem to identify why he is still around. I meditate everyday and work as a psychic to pay my bills and am looking at expanding my ability to being of service in the community to help others. I also do volunteer work so I keep myself busy. 

As Graeme crosses my mind for whatever reason I let it pass but it happens a lot. After that lengthy description I wanted to know if there is some understanding or lesson from this that I need to be aware of or are we to meet. Was it just a fateful occasion that was the catalyst for change in me or is he in a state of flux and dealing with his past? Is their some unfinished business between us and what is it. Psychics are good at helping others but not always good at understanding themselves and their situations. I do hope this question is not too lengthy for you but getting some insight, understanding and clarity would make a difference. His name is Graeme Eagles and he is a Leo. 

Thank you,

Hello Doreen,

Thank you.  The website is meant to be easy to navigate so anyone can find the tools he or she needs to learn about the universe and how to harness the light.  Angelic messages leave no room for doubt.

My services are based on the charitable energy of helping others evolve their own soul.  Spiritual counseling is focused on helping others learn and evolve so he or she can create the path of destiny he or she wishes to experience.  My services don't provide answers to specific situations.  

Love and Light,
Spiritual Advisor

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