Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How Much Energy Are You Willing To Invest?

Hi Jordan,

Lately i have been going through a lot of changes. Things i care about don't matter. I feel depressed as if I dont belong. My job is not going i cant start my career, but the harder i try it's just remains the same. My life feel as if its failing apart. Can you help me please. I forgot migraines on top of migraines. Restless nights. 

Hello Kiki,

Life by design is meant to be challenging and as difficult as challenges may feel and seem, it is often when things seem to be at their worst that the universe provides us opportunities to evolve our soul.  Each soul is meant to face points in life where experiences seem insurmountable, but deep down inside our soul knows there is an answer to overcome even the toughest of situations.   The question is how much energy one is willing to invest to overcome difficult times and what type of energy one chooses to invest.

With every situation, good and bad, the gift of free will allows each of us to make a choice - and it is through our choices, big and small, that we climb every hurdle that stands in our way.

Your future is a combination of your choices, and a bit of fate.  Do you realize the ability you have to turn your current situation into a learning opportunity - by learning it is meant that you can find a way inside yourself to reach the light that you have within.  It is harnessing the amazing ability of the light that you may find the road that will lead to the future you wish to experience.

I've inserted some links in this email to certain web pages you may want to read.  These pages may help you during your time of struggle.

Difficult doesn't mean impossible.  Believe in yourself and your ability to change your current situation and any other obstacle you face in life.

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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