Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Energy Invested For A Better Financial Future

Hi Jordan,

I'm wanting to know if my financial situation, looks any better in the near future.


Hello Becky,

My counseling services doesn't provide insight into the future.  Instead, it offers guidance to teach people how to create the future he or she wishes to experience by harnessing the power of the light each  of us are given by the universe and free will. 

Have you read the website and the pages on How to Evolve Your Soul?  You may consider visiting the site and taking a look.   Spiritual evolution is a process that can be used in any and all aspects of life.  It is about teaching people how to harness the light within the soul in order to work diligently to create the future one wishes to experience. 

The website has a ton of information that is meant to help anyone who chooses to read the pages learn about spirituality and the amazing gift each of us possess.  Each soul has an amazing light within, however there is also temptation that's one purpose is to prevent us from realizing and seeing the light that exists and instead of harnessing the light in our thoughts and actions, temptations wants us to harness the dark energy that also exists.  

Any current situation that exists for you today, can be transformed into a new future path.  It is ultimately up to you and the energy you invest in the choices you make.  Free will is a very underestimated gift that each of us use and ultimately how we use free will determines what tomorrow brings.  The choices we make, big and small, each and everyday  is what creates our future.  Our present and future are determined not only by our current environment and situation, but by the energy we invest today and ever day forward to create a new path of destiny.

My suggestion is don't let fear, doubt or any external situation prevent you from believing in what you are capable of.  You have the light, so believe and harness it today and everyday forward and see what tomorrow brings. 

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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