Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Deep Connection With Your Soul Mate

Hi Jordan, 

Firstly, I love your site. I read your spiritual astrology readings daily and find them incredibly insightful, thank-you.

When I was 16 years old, August 2008, I joined a website called bluelight. I don't usually do this, but I got involved in the forum. I scrolled through the picture thread one day and spotted a picture of an incredibly handsome man. This is rare for me, it is unusual I will do a double take like that. He was a member of the forum and I took great notice of him. He had a girlfriend; and I had no intention of disturbing that! One day he messaged me out of the blue, and we talked on facebook. I felt incredibly safe with this man that I didn't know. I cannot stress enough how out of the ordinary this was for me. 

Not long after this, I had an incredibly realistic dream where I had flown to America to meet Jim, we had made love, and came to an altercation. I had (in an effort to protect my identity just in case I suppose) told him a different surname (he knows now, lol). In the dream we fought about it, and it felt incredibly real. I remember cowering under a table. 

Years passed, Jim was still with the gal, we chatted here and there throughout the years (usually around August-Nov?). In May this year, we both broke up with our respective partners at the time, and went into solitude. In November 2013, we reconnected. He messaged me the day I had just lost my job. From there, we have fallen, big time. 

I could go on and on and on and on about the non-stop synchonicities and unusual occurrences (saying or typing same word at the same time, messaging just as thinking about them, messaging just as waking up, constantly seeing 11:11 and 2:22, etc etc) 

It feels like we are soulmates. 

The only issue for me is keeping my feet on the ground. I have been swept away, as has he, but I'm worried once I arrive and things aren't as 10/10 perfect as we think they're going to be, I will become disoriented and confused about everything. I would really love some guidance on how to approach this situation. We have not met in person yet purely out of financial reasons but have plans to do so. I feel this is going to get serious and being only 21, I am clueless as to what to do. We are both committed to university in our respective cities at the moment, and I have plans to seek exchange next year. 

Thank You,

Hello Claire,
Feeling swept away is an exciting feeling that offers one dreams of many possible paths for the future.  When feelings come over us regarding a possible soul mate, endless possibilities often fill our minds.  It sounds like there is indeed a deep connection between you and this gentleman.  Have you read the pages on How to Find a Soul Mate?  Often, I suggest to readers to reread even if a possible soul mate match has come into his or her life.  There is a lot of wisdom in the pages, and often the third and final step is overlooked but is often the most important. 

Even in a soul mate relationship, you can only control your own feelings and actions, which makes half the equation - the soul mate makes the other half, of course.  The question of whether you believe you are prepared for your soul mate is one in which you can answer and take steps to make certain that you are.  This doesn't necessarily mean one has to change who they are, but it could mean minor adjustments to some aspect of oneself in order to evolve to a better place in order to give to the union of a soul mate relationship.  This doesn't mean color one's hair or lose 10 pounds, I often suggest to others that the changes within or to our daily routine are usually the harder, but more fruitful of changes. 

On another note, how well do you know this man you met on the website?  Have the two of you shared deeply during your exchanges via telephone?  Would you say you know him as well as if he were in Australia and you saw him on a daily basis?  The question I suppose is how deep of a connection has your phone exchanges provided?  Do you two skype?  Perhaps that may be something you consider until you two can meet in person.  The eyes can tell a thousand words and may help you understand your connection to this man on an even deeper level.  Plus, Skype is a way to get to know each other and talk like the two of you are in the same space.

No matter what, would you say this relationship has helped your soul learn and grow?  Perhaps list the top 5 aspects of this relationship that make it so important to you.  That way, you understand and are able to put into perspective exactly what it is about this man and your relationship that makes you so happy.   Then perhaps you may want to combine this suggested exercise to the lists you created in the steps on How to Find A Soul Mate and see what you soul uncovers. 

Love and Light,
Spiritual Advisor

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