Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You Can't Run From Your Problems

Hi Jordan,

Okay I've been on this thing or issue worried about someone doin black magic on me eithe r my mom or boyfriend and started studying Illuminati and am worried there invoked in like a lower branch of it.. my boyfriend has said specific stuff like to read the bible he started out as my mentor hes older then me lives next door. But he doesnt remember his childhood much and ive struggled with a drug addiction he tells me to stop. Ive lost my spiritual progress and dunno if im being tested to grow or if im allowing myself to stay in a bad situation. In other relationships ive worried about cheating and realized that it was not to let them in. He once said something about hes involved in chaos recently his story sometimes changes and idk what to do cause I was also told I can manifest my worst fears.... and I love him but Iidk if he is and if so if I can help him get out... he says something about when I ask how much he loves me he says enough to give up his essence.. symbol in life that have been reappearing are black holes, levels, tree of life. Im lost and so confused I dunno what to do where to turn.

Thank You,

Hello Riki,

Each person has a unique set of challenges to overcome.  A person can not change another person, only himself or herself.  With that said, our relationships are a very important part of our evolutionary process.  Relationships, good and bad, long and short, are intended for a reason.  The question is whether or not we harness the power of the light to make our relationships strong and pure, and whether or not we allow temptation to drive us toward unhealthy unions.

I cannot give you answers into what is right and wrong in your current situation.  That would take away your ability to choose.  Free will is a gift each of us were given and it is through the use of this gift, that each person creates his or her environment.

Perhaps you may want to spend some time on the website.  It is totally free and has a ton of information.  All of the information was written with one sole purpose- To teach anyone who wants to learn about the amazing power of the universe and how to harness the light to create the future you wish to experience.  I suggest the pages on How to evolve and the links on this page.  Spiritual evolution is a process harnessing the universal powers of the light that can be applied to any and all aspects of one's life. 

Do you wish to create a new future for yourself?  What does that future consist of? 
One last thought to consider is what can you do to change your current environment and create one where it is filled with love and patience and trust and understanding?  You may not know that answer to this question right now and that is totally okay!  Sometimes one is not meant to see that answer right away.  

And the answer is not always the most obvious.  There is an age old saying that you can't run from your problems.  Until we face our problems and learn what lessons are meant for our soul to learn, our problems tend to follow us wherever we go, to whatever relationship we choose to develop.  Spirituality is about looking within. 
Perhaps healing is better described as starting from the inside, before making its way outside. 

One last note is don't ever doubt that you can change.  Your soul knows the answers and once your mind learns how to harness the power of the light and understands the amazing power of the light, people often see that even the darkest of times or situations, can be undone.  And instead of hopelessness and negativity, one finds a future full of hopefulness and positivity.  The question is how much time and energy do you wish to invest to learn how to achieve this for your life, for your soul?  Believe in yourself, ALWAYS.
No matter what today and yesterday consisted of, there is an opportunity in today and tomorrow to find the peace and happiness you long for.  That every soul longs for.

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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