Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Relocation Issues and Spiritual Enlightenment

Hello Jordan,

I am Sunil Mandhare & i am trying to relocate my self in NJ, US from couple of months now. Some how a lot of obstructions are there & so in a very confused state of mind if the decision is correct or wrong. And should i revert back to my home country India & stay alone missing the family in NJ. I had recieved the relocation reading for your goodself. My current status here in the US is Dependent Visa & I am struggling hard to get some type of work authorization but my field of Experience in India is different & not in computers. guidance from you would really help me in deciding for future. 


Hello Sunil,

Sometimes life is faced with a crossroad and one must make a decision that carves the future path one travels.  Crossroads can cause many emotions and I often ask readers who write in who are faced with a difficult situation whether he or she is harnessing the power of the light and energy of the universe when making a decision based on emotions caused by life circumstances?  Often, circumstances create feelings of stress and fear and these emotions often cause a reaction and one begins to act based on the emotions rather than the light each soul possesses insider him or her.   

When someone is faced with challenging circumstances that cause uncertainty and feelings of stress and being overwhelmed, I often suggest to my readers to go back to the page on How to Evolve Your soul and read that page, along with the pages linked to it ( spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and spiritual growth).  These pages can be thought of as a simple universal instruction book on how to harness the energy of the light to gain the wisdom and knowledge to create whatever future one wishes to experience. 

Perhaps a list of the pros and cons of each option may help you determine which path you truly wish to take.  What do you want to do, taking aside all emotions?  Do you wish to stay in NJ or move home?  Perhaps searching within yourself to the answer of that question is something you may want to spend some time and self reflection on.  Once you know which path you wish for your future, you can then better use the process of evolving your soul to help you gain all the wisdom and knowledge you need in order to create a plan that will help you make your preference on where to live a reality. 

Remember, each of us are capable to overcome whatever challenge faced in our life.  It isn't always easy, but when you harness the
power of the light and believe in your ability, it is often easier to invest the time and energy necessary in order to create the future you wish for yourself. 

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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