Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Spiritual Enlightenment Towards A Better Future

 Dear Jordan, 

I was recently reading your article about getting yourself back on track using your inner GPS system and one of your final comments in that particular article was about "harnessing the power of the light to take the Universe out for a spin around the block"  You then went on to say that the basic process was very simple - one that you would be happy to expand on should anyone wish to have more information.  I would very much appreciate some more information about this as I have tried numerous things to propel my growth but I can't help feeling I'm missing the "red-cord" that maybe counts for 3% of the process, but brings about 97% of the results.

Thank You.

Hello Tracey,

I'd be happy to share some more information on the article.  Have you read the article on The Power of the Light?  You see, each of us have light within us.  Think of it as the grace that each soul possesses.  No matter what is going on in our lives or what choices we make ( free will), the power of the light exists.  This power is the overwhelming feeling of love, peace, and ultimately the energy of the virtues listed on the Seven virtues page.  When we harness the power of the light in our daily decisions and actions, we are following the universal laws of positive energy. 

That being said, each of us have our own temptations that exist.  This is the natural law of yin-yang that our soul will always face.  It is meant to be this way, otherwise we would all be perfect and there would be no opportunity for our soul to evolve.  Temptations are the whispering in our minds that harness the negative energy that exists.  Anger is the main temptation that is the exact opposite of love and light.  However, each of us battle with our own unique set of temptations.  You may want to read the page describing the seven main temptations that exist.  Reading and learning the main temptations is something I often recommend because it better equips your mind in learning what temptations exists; that way, when you face the battle of temptation, you can recognize it for what it is and make a choice using the knowledge your soul gained from learning.  If you learn to overcome temptation, even if it is 60% of the time at first, then with each day and opportunity faced, you can continue to learn how to improve your soul's willpower to harness light over dark.

The last sentence you mention is sort of an indirect way of saying, harness the power of the light to follow the guide on spiritual evolution.  Have you read the page on How to Evolve Your soul and the pages linked to the How to evolve your soul page (spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awareness, and spiritual growth).  These four pages can be considered an instruction manual on how to evolve any and all aspects of your life.  You see, there are things about each and every one of us that we wish to change or wish to achieve for that matter.  Ultimately, what becomes of our future is the energy we invest in creating our future.  The basic instructions on the spiritual evolution process is meant to teach how to put the right energy into creating the future one wishes to experience. 

So the last sentence is really saying, harness the light to go ahead and apply the spiritual knowledge and wisdom you have into whatever aspect of your life you are working toward changing (or future your working toward creating).  

There is no limit to what goal you may wish to create for yourself; Do you want a new job, do you want to learn a new way of treating others, do you want to learn to be more disciplined or learn moderation, do you want to be a better employee or parent, do you want to learn how to manage money or time more efficiently.  In today's world of technology there is a ton of information out there to assist anyone in learning pretty much anything (learning is the stage of s
piritual enlightenment).  When you harness the energy of the light (think of the main virtues), and use the method described on the How to evolve your soul pages, you can work towards any goal and overcome any obstacle you faced.

Spiritual evolution is a freedom from oneself in some ways.  Often, we think of all the reasons we can't do something or can't change something about ourselves.  But the truth is, the only limitations that exist for us in this world is the limits we create for ourselves.  Each of us are given an amazing gift of a soul that is capable of so many wonderful things.  But often the external environment we create for ourselves or even our own minds stop us from believing in the amazing possibilities that exist.

I hope this sheds some light on the sentence, "harnessing the power of the light to take the Universe out for a spin around the block." 

Love and Light,
Spiritual Advisor

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