Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Power Of Free Will Over Life's Struggles

Hi Jordan, 

I am a married man of about 36 yrs .my wife is often angry. My health and appearance is down .I think a lot and of unstable nature.I am an addict of tobacco.I have very bad financial position.I m in temporary job.what do I do.please provide me the correct guidance.

Thank You.

Hello Prateek,

What is it that you wish to do?  Ultimately, you must decide what it is your soul is searching for, no one else can do that.  Life at times can offer obstacles that appear to be nearly impossible to overcome.  But any obstacle and challenge can be changed, though not always easy, with the right investment of energy and willpower to make a change - anything is possible.

Have you read the pages on How to Evolve You Soul?  This is often a page I recommend to people to read when faced with obstacles or aspects of life in which someone wants to change.  Spiritual evolution can be thought of as a simple instruction manual on how to harness the power of the light to create whatever future you wish to experience.  There are three pages linked to the page on spiritual evolution:

1.  Spiritual enlightenment - the step in learning and gaining all the information you can on what it is you want to change.  Do you want to stop smoking?  Then perhaps you would research and find all the information you can on how to quit.  Do you want to find a permanent job?  Then perhaps you'd invest energy into learning all there is to know about what jobs are available and what steps need to be taken in order to get the job you wish for.

2. Spiritual awareness - after you gain all the wisdom and information you need to harness the right energy to make your future step, you need a plan of what to do, right?  This step is when you spend sometime making that plan.  The website goes into more detail and I suggest you consider taking a look at this page too. 

3.  Spiritual growth- the third and final step in the process of evolution is putting your plan into action!  Again, the website describes this step and so I suggest you consider reading this as well.

The energy we invest in creating our future is based on free will.  Free will is often very underestimated but each day we are faced with countless decisions, big and small, and these choices we make carve our future.  Often, it is not realized that we can harness free will at any point in our lives to take control and look within ourselves for the energy and motivation to change the things about our life and ourselves that we do not wish to define us anymore.  No matter what yesterday and today brings us, when we harness the power of the light and put the right effort into creating our future destiny, there are truly no limits for us.

There are a ton of pages on the website and you may want to spend 15-20 minutes a day clicking whatever page you feel like.  All of the information is meant to help anyone who wishes to learn about the universal laws and how to harness the spiritual energy of the light in your daily life.  

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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