Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Everything Will Turn Out As It Should

Hi Jordan,

First I would like to thank you for the website, it has helped me a lot, all the articles, readings, even the daily horoscope that is spot on.

The reason I am contacting you is because I really need to discuss the soul mate issue. I thought I met the guy that was my real soul mate. We met by crazy accident (destiny some would say), very similar interests, humor, and the magnetism was almost instant. We went through a lot to be together, arguments, distance (long distance relationship) and all that comes with being away from someone for months. We have been together for over a year only for him to go on a vacation, come back and suddenly say we are too different, he doesn't feel any emotions towards me, he is not for a relationship etc. He already went through something similar when his father died last month in October. But we spent a month together in Dec/Jan and everything was perfect, making future plans together, having so many good experiences, and the love was there. So much to talk about, to laugh, to love. Now a month after he is gone this comes out of nowhere. 

So my question is in two parts: can it be the distance is doing this to him and he is just not aware, even though he says he is spiritually evolved, I was the only person he ever loved like this, and it seems weird such a connection can disappear over one vacation. I think he just might be not that in tune with emotions because it would hurt a lot being away for months again. 

The other question is if it's possible that a lot of negative energy accumulated around him and he can't feel or think straight? Like an energy block sort of thing? 

I feel as if I'm loosing someone who was really special and when we talked and he didn't want to back off the break up thing, I said I will delete every contact with him so that it would be easier for me to let go. Now I don't know if maybe I should've kept in touch just to get him back in tune with his heart and feelings.

As for me personally, I feel its a terrible waste, that all this is wrong (that gut feeling telling you it's just not right) because he was someone and maybe the only person I could relate to from the depth of my soul. We went through a lot to be together, so I'm thinking if I should do something about it or just let him go on the path he says he wants. I'm also thinking if I can help him come around from a distance, just letting him go and seeing if he will get it after a while? Or was I just fooling myself all along? I really thought he was my soul mate because after my previous relationship (guided by your articles) I knew exactly what I wanted: a guy that's passionate, decisive, caring, independent, smart, spiritual at least a bit, with similar interests and humor etc. I got all of it except the yang part was a bit disappointing at times: smoker, had a lot of women before he realized it's useless, not clear on some issues in his life and obviously problems with the emotional side of him. But that's life and I feel I don't want or need anyone else currently than him. Any insight on these questions from your view would be of great help to me, since I can't explain this to anyone because most of my friends are not spiritually interested and this guy was but I obviously cut all contact with him, so I really hope you can guide me out of this. I really need help to understand what to do.

Thank You,

Hello Vanessa,

Many relationships, especially soul mate offer a wonderful opportunity for our souls to evolve.  A soul mate relationship is beyond the typical bond that one feels with another, it has a connection that runs deeper and typically unites on another level.

When the connection we feel to another is strong, which from what you explain you experience with the gentleman you are writing about, often our mind and hearts believe we've found the one and create a future that is forever.  This is at times the case, but at other times, it is not.  Spiritual evolution and are use of free will ultimately determine our future destiny, including who we share our path in life with. But every person has free will and how it is used is ultimately up to each individual.   A lasting soul mate connection relies on two people being in sync in many aspects, and sometimes circumstances lead to the end of a relationship. 

Perhaps this gentleman will reenter your life, or perhaps he was meant to enter your life to teach you something and help you along your path.  I can't answer these questions, but I can suggest you look at the relationship and all it brought into your life and ask yourself, what's next. You can only control yourself and your feelings and actions, so how do you think your energy can be spent turning this current situation into a positive growth experience for yourself?  Do you think investing energy to improve yourself and your evolution will help create a future where you live happily with your soul mate?  Perhaps you may want to re-read the pages on How to Find a soul mate.  The last page is often overlooked in the step by step process described on the website, but is one of the most important keys in evolving to form a true soul mate union. 

In the end, do you feel this relationship was valuable and in three years you'll look at this time in your life and appreciate all that you learned and experience with this man?  Sometimes letting go is the key to creation of the future you wish to desire.   I will leave you with one last question, Is holding onto the current situation and wanting things to be as you want them, harnessing the power of the light or a temptation holding you back from continuing your soul's evolution.

Remember, life doesn't always work out how we believe it should, but sometimes there are even more valuable lessons learned from how we handle the disappointments life throws at us.  And in the end, often one reflects and sees later down the road, that everything turned out as it should.

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor

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