Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Determine the Path of Your Future

Hi Jordan,

Im not sure if the first one i sent went through, my phone kicked me out and the
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Okay so I been told i need answers for this transit period, Something big is about to happen and although I'm not worried much I need guidance. I do feel it to tell you the truth, but isn't that normal? I just want to make the best decisions That I can. My heart is tooo soft and kind to keep suffering.. I know your report will help me feel better :D 

Thank You! 

Hello Maria,

Answers come in many forms.   Often when one experiences times of reflection or feels the need to change (evolve) an aspect of his or her life, the questions begin to out number the answers one feels he or she has for the future.  With more questions than answers, one is also often led to find answers externally, either from research or other people.  That is a natural part of the evolution process. 

A heart can never be too kind!  it is wonderful that you feel love and kindness toward others.  However, with every yin comes a yang, and perhaps it is not changing that aspect of your soul but learning how to manage it.  The ability to say no is often hard for people that are extremely kind, however enabling is something that happens when one gives in to others demands. 

Perhaps you may want to visit the pages on Spiritual evolution.  The process of spiritual enlightenment, awareness and growth is something that we can use in any and every aspect of life.  So maybe these pages will help you find the answers your looking for right now, the answers your soul is trying to uncover.  But these answers don't lie with me, but within you.  The future is something that is not predetermined.  It is what you choose to do today, tomorrow and each day forward that ultimately determines the path of your future.  Free will is an amazing, yet often under-estimated gift, each of us possess.  When you harness the light and use your ability to choose wisely, the future has endless possibilities. 

Love and Light,
Spiritual Advisor

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