Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to Channel Our Energy to Build the Future We Wish To Experience

Hi Jordan, 

My partner, Aaron 37 years old & is in a wheel chair and his daughter, Desi is turning 18 by the end of April. Aaron currently lives in a 1 bedroom. Desi does not have a good relationship with her mom and wants to move out when she turns 18. Aaron wants to help, with him being a great dad and wanting to be involved in this next stage of her life, to help in a direction that will impact the rest of her life. Very noble cause, and I have been with him for nearly 2 & a half years and I love them both very much as well.

In the building where he lives is a 2 bedroom unit and that owner, Ms. Conrad, knows Aaron well and has a 2 bedroom for rent and rented just a day or so before,with the current renter knowing possibly that Ms Conrad maybe selling the unit soon. I would be willing to rent his 1 bedroom, which he owns, while he could rent this 2 bedroom and Ms Conrad would have really loved to have Aaron and Desi there, no questions asked is what Ms Conrad stated. Which Aaron didn't know Ms Conrad was renting and visa versa till recently bumping into one another. 

So what I am asking for is how to send energy for him to have this place and me to have his place. This would give Ms. Conrad a great tenant she knows, and has known for over 7 years, affording Aaron a peace of mind to help his daughter, a building that is compatible for him being in the chair,as they like to refer to themselves and are "handi-capible" a place for Desi- and her dog, me, my cat and most important giving Desi this fighting chance to properly be supported as she blossom into the world under loving guidance, which she would not receive living with her mom. 

My heartfelt gratitude for your assistance in helping me, help my extended family. I love them so much and want to give them so much for all the love I receive and how grateful I am.

Thank You,

Hello Fred,

Charity and love are the most pure and powerful energies of the universe.  Though one can not force a change in the universe with actions we're used to, when you make choices and live life according to the virtuous ways of the universe, things often have a way of working out.  Have you read the pages on spiritual evolution.  The process of spiritual evolution ( enlightenment, awareness, and growth) can be applied to any and every situation we face in our lives.

So perhaps you may want to check out those pages and learn how you can harness the power of the light to work toward the outcome you wish to see happen.  Energy exists and will always help us create the future we wish to experience. It is our choices and actions which determine how our energy is used.

Wishing you the best and believe in the power of the universe and let it guide you. 

Love and Light,
Jordan Canon
Spiritual Advisor


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